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Single Elbow Brace for Bursitis Pain Protection

Single Elbow Brace for Bursitis Pain Protection

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Product ID:              AC2031328
Material:                  Graphene Fiber, Latex Yarn, Nylon
Gender:                   Women, Men

Age Range:              Adult

Season:                   Four Seasons


Size Chart:
Please allow 1-3 cm measured error.
Size Top Width Applicable Arm Circumference
S 12cm | 4.7 in 24cm - 29cm | 9.4'' - 11.4 in
M 13cm | 5.1 in 29cm - 34cm | 11.4'' - 13.4 in
L 14cm | 5.5 in 34cm - 39cm | 13.4'' - 15.4 in
XL 15cm | 5.9 in 39cm - 44cm | 15.4'' - 17.3 in

1. Elbow Sleeve helps to reduce pressure and weight on the elbow.
2. Elbow Sleeve helps speed up the healing process of elbow sprains and fractures.
3. Elbow Brace provides support and pain relief for tendonitis, ulnar nerve, medial epicondylitis, lateral epicondylitis, cold or sore joints, sports strains or sprains and work strain. Also ideal for recovery from surgery or prevention of sports injuries.
4. This Elbow Guard can keep you warm and can also be used by people who enjoy a variety of sports (e.g. badminton, basketball, fitness, running, biking, hiking, etc).

Graphene Fabric: This elbow pad is made of multi-functional graphene composite fiber, which contains far-infrared emission function to promote blood circulation and keep you warm all day long.
2. Lightweight Design: Two-way elbow compression, moderate elasticity, strong wrapping, can stabilize the elbow joint, more comfortable to wear.
3. Adopting Thermal Printing Technology: The elbow cover is added with mugwort, which can be continuously heated at 48 degrees to achieve the effect of moxibustion heat preservation, giving the elbow a warm heat sensation and preventing the joints from getting cold and elbow injury.
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