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Orthopedic Knee Immobilization Brace for Children

Orthopedic Knee Immobilization Brace for Children

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Product ID:              AC2031061
Material:                  Aluminum Sheet, Composite Fabric
Gender:                   Girls, Boys

Age Range:              Children

Season:                   Four Seasons

Size Information:
Please allow 1-3 cm measured error.


Size Length
S 30cm | 11.8 in
M 35cm | 13.8 in
L 40cm | 15.7 in

1. A Knee Splint  is an orthopedic device that provides almost complete fixation of the knee, excluding movement in the joint. This is necessary to restore the joint to its proper position after injury or surgery, prevent deformity and speed recovery. 
2. For children with cerebral palsy, knee ligament injuries, upper tibial fractures, lower femur fractures, patellar dislocations, post-anterior and post-cruciate ligament surgery, and post-arthroscopic surgery.
3. It corrects, unloads, restores the functions of the knee joint and eliminate its deformation. Also, the device reduces the likelihood of complications due to careless movements and reduces the period of the rehabilitation process. Timely use of the splint will eliminate the bending contracture of the knee joint, which will contribute to the process of restoring the correct axis of the damaged limb.

1. Velcro Strap Design: 4 strong Velcro straps, strong adhesion, long service life.
2. Multi-layer Material and Side Cutouts: Soft and comfortable, breathable and not stuffy.

3. Steel Plate Support: Imitate the human knee curve design, fit the leg shape, 360-degree full support, wear a better fit.

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