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MCL Knee Brace with EVA Pad & Foldable Side Stabilizer

MCL Knee Brace with EVA Pad & Foldable Side Stabilizer

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Product ID:              AC2031342
Material:                  ABS, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, Composite Fabric
Gender:                   Women, Men

Age Range:              Adult

Season:                   Four Seasons

Size Chart:
Please allow 1-3 cm measured error.

Size  Length upper Leg Circumference Lower Leg Circumference
One Size 31cm | 12.2 in 40cm | 15.7 in 32cm | 12.6 in

1. Kneepads are widely used in various sports(weightlifting, basketball, volleyball, tennis, running, jogging, cycling, fitness, hiking, climbing, etc) and fitness programs, which can relieve stress, assist support, and prevent abrasions.
2. Knee Braces are protective gear worn on the knees to protect them from impact damage caused by falling to the ground or hitting an obstacle, or to provide padding for extended periods of kneeling.
3. Wearing a Knee Brace helps to evenly distribute the pressure on the knee. The added stability allows for better alignment of the legs for optimal loading and recovery. It can improve your mobility and help you walk further in comfort.
4. This is specially designed to prevent you from sprains or injuries during sports.

1. Foldable Aluminum Strip: Folding aluminum strip design on both sides of the knee, when the knee bends, the aluminum strip will fold simultaneously, which can protect and support the knee well.
2. EVA Foam Pad: Built-in EVA pads can reduce the damage of external pressure on the knee and provide a cushioning and shock absorption effect.
3. Two Pressurized Straps: Two straps apply pressure from both sides of the knee, so that the knee is evenly stressed, better reducing the burden on the knee.
4. Three Layer Breathable Fabric: Mesh breathable fabric makes the knee pads more compact, breathable and moisture wicking, comfortable to wear.
5. Velcro Design: Super strong adhesion, not easy to break after repeated pulling.
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