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Finger Toe Dislocation Care Splint Broken Toe Brace

Finger Toe Dislocation Care Splint Broken Toe Brace

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Product ID:              AC2031332
Material:                  Sponge Composite Fabric, Aluminum Alloy
Gender:                   Women, Men

Age Range:              Adult

Season:                   Four Seasons

Size Chart:
Please allow 1-3 cm measured error.

Size Length Width Thickness
One Size 11.2cm | 4.4 in 8cm | 3.1 in 0.5cm | 0.2 in

1. Toe Brace can quickly and effectively relieve sports injuries, bunions, corns, arthritis, calluses, hammer toes, hallux rigidus, gout, inflammation and more.
2. Toe Brace straightens bent toes, realigns joints and increases blood circulation.
3. Toe 
Corrector works well to repair your toes and gives you a better foot line.

4. It can improve body balance and increase foot strength.

1. Velcro Design: Stick firmly, easy to use, free to adjust the tightness.
2. Removable Aluminum Bar: Stable and effective support for your toes and fingers.
3. Sponge Composite Fabric: Sweat absorbing and breathable, comfortable to wear all day long.
4. Anti-friction Lining: Skin-friendly, breathable and not stuffy, so you can wear it comfortably all day.
5. Invisible Wear: Can be worn in shoes, restoring the development of toes and fingers to the correct state, effectively correcting bunions and finger extensions.
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