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Compression Ankle Braces for Sprain Prevention and Rehabilitation

Compression Ankle Braces for Sprain Prevention and Rehabilitation

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Product ID:              AC2031304
Material:                  Composite Fabric , SBR, PP
Gender:                   Men, Women

Age Range:              Adult

Season:                   Four Seasons

Size Chart:
Please allow 1-3 cm measured error.

Size Width Height
S 12cm | 4.7 in 25cm | 9.8 in
M 12cm | 4.7 in 26cm | 10.2 in
L 13cm | 5.1 in 27cm | 10.6 in
XL 13cm | 5.1 in 28cm | 11.0 in


1. Care Ankles: Made up of relatively small bones and stubby ligaments, the ankles support the weight of the entire body and is one of the most vulnerable areas to injury. So it is very important to protect the ankles in daily life.
2. Ankle Brace helps to relieve the discomfort of plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and foot drop.
3. Ankle Brace helps to reduce excessive plantar flexion, eversion, and inversion of the ankle.
4. Ankle Wrap helps to speed up the recovery of various ankle injuries.


1. X-Type Straps: The ankle brace is a cross design of X-shaped straps, which helps to fix the ankle. At the same time, it provides more compression to the ankle, tightens the muscles, and protects the ankle from injury in daily life.
2. Protective PP Splints: There are two pieces of splints on the ankle brace. They can support the ankles, tighten the muscles and protect the ankles from injuries.
3. 360° Compression: The splint of the ankle brace is around the ankles. They provide support and compression to the ankles. Then they can protect the ankles from injuries. What's more, the splint is adjustable, making it more comfortable to wear.
4. Composite Fabric: Soft, comfortable, skin-friendly and non-irritating.
5. Velcro: Strong adhesive, not easy to hurt hands, durable, long service life.

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