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Blue Stainless Steel Splinting for Mallet Finger

Blue Stainless Steel Splinting for Mallet Finger

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Product ID:              AC2051423
Material:                  EVA, Stainless Steel
Gender:                   Unisex

Age Range:              Adult

Season:                   Four Seasons

Size Chart:

Please allow 1-3 cm measured error.

Size Length Width Height Finger Circumference
S 6.6cm | 2.6 in 3cm | 1.2 in 2.7cm | 1.1 in 5.5cm | 2.2 in
M 6.8cm | 2.7 in 3cm | 1.2 in 3cm | 1.2 in 5.5cm - 7cm | 2.2'' - 2.8 in
L 7.5cm | 3.0 in 3cm | 1.2 in 2.7cm | 1.1 in 7cm | 2.8 in


1. Finger Splint helps to speed up the healing process from finger injury. Such as: Arthritis, Sprain and Fracture.
2. Finger Splint helps to prevent further damage, and provide stabilization.


1. Easy to Use: It is easy to put on or take off with one hand.
2. Lightweight: Giving you a soft and gentle support throughout the day.
3. Convenient: Fits for both left and right hands. It is used to solve various finger symptoms.
4. Flexible: Allowing all unaffected fingers to move easily, and let you get rid of heavy equipment.
5. Stability: Splint is made of stainless steel, which provides more secure support for injured fingers.

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