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Anti Hunchback Belt Kyphosis Back Brace

Anti Hunchback Belt Kyphosis Back Brace

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Product ID:              AC2031325
Material:                  Polyester
Gender:                   Women, Men

Age Range:              Adult

Season:                   Four Seasons


Size Chart:
Please allow 1-3 cm measured error.
Size Applicable Waist Circumference
S 50cm - 60cm | 19.7'' - 23.6 in
M 58cm - 65cm | 22.8'' - 25.6 in
L 65cm - 72cm | 25.6'' - 28.3 in
XL 72cm - 78cm | 28.3'' - 30.7 in
XXL 78cm - 84cm | 30.7'' - 33.1 in
3XL 82cm - 90cm | 32.3'' - 35.4 in
4XL 88cm - 95cm | 34.6'' - 37.4 in
5XL 95cm - 102cm | 37.4'' - 40.2 in
6XL 102cm - 108cm | 40.2'' - 42.5 in

1. The Back Brace provides immediate and continuous relief from back pain such as lumbar disk herniation, sciatica, back pain and muscle aches. Wear it while walking, bending or stretching and enjoy the freedom of movement.
2. Back Belt helps support and protect your back and spine in everyday life.
Hunchback Correction Belt helps to relieve back discomfort and pain symptoms caused by study or long-term office sedentary.

4. It can fix your body, prevent and correct hunchback, improve your sitting and walking posture, and shape a good body posture.

1. Mesh Design: The fabric absorbs moisture and perspiration, comfortable to wear, light and breathable, not stuffy. Invisible to wear, suitable for spring and summer season.
2. Velcro Design: Adjustable elasticity according to your back needs, easy to wear. Strong adhesive force, not easy to slip off.
3. Y-shaped Straps: Ergonomic, can reduce the uneven force on the back, can support the lumbar, reduce pressure.
4. PP Support Strips: Designed according to the curve of the lumbar region, it can perfectly fit the lumbar region and strongly support the lumbar region.
5. Widened Belt: Can be used to tighten the waist and abdomen, highlighting a good figure.
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