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Adjustable Orthopedic Ankle Brace for Protection and Correction

Adjustable Orthopedic Ankle Brace for Protection and Correction

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Product ID:              AC2031295
Material:                  PE, Polypropylene, Velcro
Gender:                   Men, Women

Age Range:              Adult

Season:                   Four Seasons

Size Chart:
Please allow 1-3 cm measured error.

Size Foot Length
S 22cm - 23cm | 8.7'' - 9.1 in
M 23.5cm - 24cm | 9.3'' - 9.4 in
L 24.5cm - 25.5cm | 9.6'' - 10.0 in


1. Ankle Brace effectively relieve the discomfort of plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains and foot drop.
2. Ankle Brace helps to reduce excessive plantar flexion, eversion, and inversion of the ankle.
3. Ankle Brace helps to speed up the recovery of various ankle injuries.


1. PE Material: Light weight, easy to walk.
2. Ergonomic: Designed for 360-degree full support.
3. Unique Half-palm Design: Effectively correct foot drop, you can wear shoes directly for walking without hindering foot activities.
4. 4-level Adjustable Tension: 4-level buckle adjustment, suitable for wearing, strengthen correction to meet the needs of rehabilitation at all stages, and reduce the frequency of frequent foot drop orthotic replacements.

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