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Adjustable Aluminum Bar Support Toe Fracture Fixation Strap

Adjustable Aluminum Bar Support Toe Fracture Fixation Strap

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Product ID:              AC2031069
Material:                  Sponge Composite Fabric, Aluminum Alloy
Gender:                   Women, Men

Age Range:              Adult

Season:                   Four Seasons

1. Toe Fixation Strap can quickly and effectively relieve sports injuries, bunions, corns, arthritis, calluses, hammer toes, hallux rigidus, gout, inflammation and more.
2. Toe Fixation Strap straightens bent toes, realigns joints and increases blood circulation.
Toe Corrector works well to repair your toes and gives you a better foot line.

4. It can improve body balance and increase foot strength.

1. Removable Aluminum Bar: Stable and effective support for your toes.
2. Soft Lining: Skin-friendly, breathable and not stuffy, so you can wear it comfortably all day.
3. Velcro Design: Super strong adhesion, not easy to break after repeated pulling.
4. Diversified Wearing Style: Can wear in different toes, front or back can be worn.

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